I hope you have a new CD in the works some where down the road, you are a great story teller.” - Stan

I really like "My Baby Rose" a lot.” - Ms. Billie Joe Brailburne, Program Coord.

Radio NBRN

For an artist releasing their first album, it can be a nerve racking experience. The expectations associated with sales numbers and listener response play on the artist's mind as soon as their work is released into the often harsh and competitive arena of modern music. Henry Capps on the other hand, doesn't have this problem. The established published songwriter, poet, and playwright releases Down On The Old River as his first independent recording, and the album is confident and true to its roots. Capps has an enchanting whiskey tinged voice which is as deep and rich as the lyrical tapestries he weaves into the album. The title track “Down On The Old River Road” is a dusky retrospect that displays Capps' superb ability to use verbal imagery. Here he uses such imagery to detail the untimely death of a fiery lover, driving recklessly through Old River road. It is the quintessential track from the album and fully displays Capps’ deep and expressive voice to full effect. “I've Always Wanted To Be Him” kicks in with gentle guitar strumming and a single banjo in the background as Capps forlornly wishes he was the lover of a comely female. Capps knows his audience, which is partly why his first effort hits home so well. Tracks such as “My Baby Rose” and “Dim As Barlight” are so authentic and heartbreaking that listeners will get lost in the honest vocal delivery and gentle background guitar strumming. “Changes In The Old Home Town” is an ode to the small town and country living Capps is accustomed to, and loves so dearly. The album never really changes its tempo, but then again it doesn’t have to. Capps gives his listeners a helping of slow, reminiscent songs that yearn about lost lovers and would find its home at whiskey spilling bars all across the United States, and anywhere else where the patrons have stories to tell. At nine tracks, Down On The Old River Road is a fitting slice of country which will leave the listener feeling nostalgic and warm, without dragging on its own relaxed pace. Essentially, Capps is earnest, and lives the music he writes and records, and therein lies his ability to deliver heartfelt ballads of love and loss. The only drawback from this recording, or rather a hope for future recordings from the artist would be to hear him backed by layered, more sophisticated production values, which will give his recordings a huge leap in the direction of the big leagues.” - Rukshan Thenuwara


I've said it before and I'll say it again,country music  is all about story telling."  Henry Capps knows how to write a great story. Down On The Old River Road,is a hauting song that serves  as a warning to would be cheaters. I've Always Wanted To Be Him"one of those songs that grabs your heart and squeezes   Great Stories,Great Tunes, Four Out Of Five Stars” - MARY DUVAL


“It is really great to hear an album where the songs, the performance, the overall feeling, really create a "picture" for the listener. The brilliant songs - Great, thoughtful lyrics and very convincing melodies. The musicianship and production really adds "weight" to the already great songs.”” - Peter Holmstedt

— Hemifrån - Sweden

“I've Always Wanted To Be Him (from the Down On The Old River CD)…you have a rich and expressive voice…a very melodic and honest sounding arrangement…I really like the simplicity…””

— TAXI - the world's leading independent A & R company