HENRY CAPPS is a published songwriter, poet and playwright.  DOWN ON THE OLD RIVER is his first independent CD.  The songs on this CD represent his ability to write and tell varied stories.  Henry Capps has toured the country performing his original material at concert halls, museums, folk festivals, college concerts, rodeos, clubs and roadhouses.

With over 200 songs to his credit, Capps draws on a wealth of material from life and sings it from the heart. His tunes have been recorded by many others, from the soundtrack of Ferdie Grofe, Jr.s’ “Proud and Damned,” to the “Dark of the Moon” preview theme song to “Down on the Old River Road.” *

His performances have included his cowboy poetry. His always popular trilogy “P-234 is Still the King,” “Poco Bueno,” “Leo (The Prince of Lightning),” are particular crowd favorites. His poetry helped establish the Foundation Quarter Horse Registry located in Sterling, CO. Numerous western artists throughout the southwest often perform his poetry.

Capps’ playwright credits include the acclaimed trilogy UPSTAGE, DOWNSTAGE that was performed at the Off Ramp Theater in Hollywood, The Old Globe Theatre, and the Pasadena Playhouse.

Join Henry DOWN ON THE OLD RIVER—he’ll be there around mid-night to play and sing story songs. Acoustic guitar, smoky vocals—no back up voices, no fluff—just picking and singing.

Capps is a member of ASCAP/SAG/AFTRA/AEA.

* “DOWN ON THE OLD RIVER ROAD” (Down on the Old River CD) – selected as one of 15 original tracks on Tom Fahey’s “Now That’s AmericanaOK – The CD – Volume One.”