2nd week in a row!  Down On The Old River Road is still on the Reverbnation Top 40 Charts.  Thank you, thank you to our many friends and fans.

We Broke the Top 40!


DOWN ON THE OLD RIVER ROAD is in the Top 40 on the Reverbnation Charts!  Thank you to our friends and fans!

Down On The Old River Road--charts number 53

The International Association of Independent Recording Artists, IAIRA, recognizes and honors artistic achievement, technical proficiency, and overall excellence in sound recording by monitoring chart activity as published in various reporting charts from around the world. According to our research, on 10/17/2010 the above referenced release; Down On The Old River Road, by Henry Capps, had attained The Number 53 Position on at least one of the charts monitored and verified by IAIRA. On the basis of that research, IAIRA has qualified the aforementioned release as eligible for Certification as an International 'Top 100'.

BBC Radio Ulster adds Down On The Old River Road to playlist

Ralph McLean, poplular host of BBC Radio Ulster begins to air Down On The Old River Road.

Henry Capps’ Down On The Old River Road is A-OK’ed by Tom Fahey’s AmericanaOK Radio Show

Henry Capps’ single DOWN ON THE OLD RIVER ROAD, has been selected as one of 15 original tracks on Tom Fahey’s “Now That’s AmericanaOK – The CD – Volume One.”

CountryBear loves My Baby Rose

My Baby Rose continues to be a favorite of our audience. You were chosen to be on the Best of the Year ’08 show. Looks like you are going to be on the ’09 show as well. www.countrybear.com

‘Down On The Old River’ is on the BEST of ‘08 broadcast.

Tom Fahey of www.americanaok.com has chosen ‘Down On The Old River’ to be on the BEST of ‘08 show which is currently broadcasting on: CMR Nashville, Radio Six International, KYOU Radio San Francisco, WGWG 88.3 FM North and South Carolina, Radio GoldRush New Zealand, Edge Radio 99.3 FM Australia, Country Music 24 Germany, Moozikoo Radio Nashville and European CMA Radio.

Great voice. Great music.

Listening to your CD makes me want to go back to being a country music DJ. Great voice. Bubba Breakfast with Bubba KJAZZ - 88.1

Henry Capps shares stage with renowned Western artist Reine Rivers.

The Lancaster Museum was the stage setting for Western artist Reine River art exhibition. Ms. River invited Henry Capps to be her special guest star. “Down On The Old River” is a five-star hoot!

“My Baby Rose” moves up thanks to listener feedback at CountryBear.com

We've also added “Down On The Old River Road”, from the same album to our rotation.

Love this CD!

On my playlist, 'Down On The Old River Road', 'I've Always Wanted To Be Him', 'She's Walking Through My Mind'. Tom Fahey AmericanaOK www.americanaok.com

He Has A Great Voice!

You have a great voice - nice songs and music - so clear and pretty... -- Ann Pascoe, TLC Radio New Zealand Country Music Network Ltd www.nzcountrymusic.net

Kudzu Cowboy ropes a new hit…

Eddy and Terry hosts of “Around The Campfire” on www.wkul.com (Alabama) added “Changes In The Old Home Town” to their campfire show. On Nov. 2, Eddy and Terry will host a one hour live show “Around The Campfire” to celebrate the first year anniversary of their show.

Yesterday USA

“… WOW am I impressed! Thanks! Looking forward to the "Odes". Bill Bragg, Founder The Yesterday USA Radio Networks www.yesterdayusa.com

Countrybear.com schedules airplay for 'My Baby Rose' and 'Down On The Old River Road'

Shout out to Stan at countrybear.com. Thank you very much.

More thanks to SuperCountryRadio.com, Oxford, AL

To Paul and the gang at www.supercountryradio.com

Special thanks to "The Kudzu Cowboy" at WKUL 92.1 FM

Eddy Leverett ("The Kudzu Cowboy") host of Around the Campfire at WKUL 92.1 FM, Cullman, AL. The Sunday night show begins at 8:05 CST. www.wkul.com

Yesterdayusa.com debuts DOWN ON THE OLD RIVER

Live on air interview conducted by Bill Braggs and Mike Handy. My thanks to Bill and Mike. This is a fun show give it a listen at www.yesterdayusa.com.

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