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Hi Hank, your album sounds great. I used to know you at Konocti! hope you're well. ~Gayle
While glancing through old year boos as I pitch, I remembered you so well from Perry. My granddaughter insisted on "facebook" as much rebuttal. I discovered I shared a page with a famous classmate. Way to go Henry.
Love your music makes me think of 50's and 60's music I grew up with.
This is very well done. When I have more time on my hands, I'm coming back for more.
Hows it going Old friend?
Loved your songs and music.
Love your songs and music. issed you at the TCHS reunion this week. Maybe net time. Keep up the good work....
Love your songs. Missed you at the TCHS reunion. Maybe next time..
GREAT sound I am impressed. (Its a long, long way from the "ivy covered" halls of Dear ol' TCHS)... God Bless. John
"loved your cd"
classic sounding stuff - Louis L'Amore with a guitar
Hello Henry, I hope you remember me. I would like to be a friend of yours. I live in Jacksonville, Fl. You know how it is you can't get all this Florida sand out of your shoes no matter where you go, you will always come back to Florida, I did. Hope to hear from you, A Friend, Rosa Earline Mock .
Great tunes!
This is Great!
I received my CD and can't stop humming ‘When Love Comes Back For Me’. I absolutely love every song… I very much appreciate the simplicity of your music - it takes me back to how country music used to be…
Wow - amazing writing. Radio needs your music NOW - it is refreshing yet nostalgic!!! U ROCK!
Great Music!
I am really looking forward to this CD!
Sugar...you can sing to me anytime!!!
I love your music!!
Down On The Old River Road - Great story song, love it...
Down On The Old River Road - I love the Cash influence. I enjoy the feel of it. Very evocative of those early ballads. It's eerie and dark, but enjoyable. You're a great storyteller. Great job!
Henry, I really enjoyed your music and would love to buy some CDs for my friends in Perry, FL. I don't know you, but I am very proud that we are from the same hometown. Much respect, Kimberly Harrington
You are amazing!
Henry your song Down On The Old River Road is excellent. I really enjoyed it! Your guitar work was excellent on that song. Very clear and concise! Wonderful sound!
You have a great sound!
I really enjoyed Hank's music, great Western feel. Thanks!
What a beautiful voice he has!
Henry you have done so very well for yourself. Your music is great. It is so down to earth.
Great CD I really enjoyed it!! My favorite song is When Love Comes Back For Me.
Henry's song "Changes In The Old Home Town", reminds me of when I used to go to town on Saturdays with my dad and he would leave the keys in the pick-up, just in case ant body needed to move it.
You have a great voice - nice songs and music - so clear and pretty... For TLC Radio New Zealand Country Music Network Ltd www.nzcountrymusic.net
This is soulful music that touches the heart. Hank sings his tales of love and loss like a world-weary angel.
Hank's poetic skills shine on this album. The artistry is smart, sultry and sophisticated. This is Hank's signature style at its finest!
Hi there- love the CD....Wonderful music...great voice!
Great sound! I would love to see him live!
Your voice is GREAT! My favorite song is 'I've Always Wanted To Be Him'. Please post your tour dates.
Just heard the title track and it was amazing. A refreshingly polished and soulful voice without ever slipping into country pop territory. A great sound!
You sound great, I'm really proud of you.
Hi ole friend of many years ago! The music is good as always.
It has been many years. Your a songwriter with great music and I am a missionary in Israel.Who would have ever dreamed it. Great to hear about you. Bill Becton
Was having breakfast with Edna Maina and her good friend/caretaker Linda said hey listen to this music. I did. Hey. I was impressed and liked Henry's music mucho. Rich, earthy and pleasing. Feel good home grown music that lives with me instead of bombarding my senses. Worth purchasing this for my simple yet eclectic taste. Thanks for your music HC.
We enjoyed the mellow sound. Very smooth - easy listen.
Really a beautiful album of Country Ballards being sung by the writer, guitarist, Henry Capps, who as a rich, awesome voice. Unique songs that will linger in your mind. All songs are winners. I love this album.
Fabulous! and long overdue...great voice, great songs, great guy! You Rock!!!
I can't pick a favorite Love them all. Wilda
Amazing music! Where have you been? I'm buying my copy today! When can we see you perform live?